This is us

We are April & Joseph Brunner. A husband and wife team who met through a passion for photography and have since built a family and business together. We enjoy the simple things in life. Sitting around the camp fire telling stories, evening strolls with our son and spending most of our weekends capturing the biggest moments in a couples life. We are laid back yet adventurous, quiet like a fly on the wall but can also get the party started. Where one lacks the other makes up for and that is why we are the perfect duo. 

Let’s go for a hike or spend an evening at the beach. Show us your favourite places and we’ll capture your greatest stories! No “cheese” here! We want your honest, laugh until you cry or cry until you laugh emotions. What camera? You’ll forget the reason you’re even smiling.

Our photos are timeless, beautiful and will evoke wonderful memories, but it is also the experience you will remember for years to come. We want to be there for all the milestones so let’s sit down and chat. Grab a coffee and get to know one another. We promise you won’t regret it.